1. The promotion of I+D+i in the field of health, and the promotion of scientific and medical advances, through the dissemination of results by appropriate means, and transfer of knowledge and results between agents environment I+D+i in health.

  2. Implement and develop programs of educational activities for health professionals, in cooperation with the School of Health Sciences and Social Care of Extremadura, and any other organization or entity, domestic or foreign, whose objectives are similar in this matter.

  3. Development projects and studies in the field of health and related, that have national or international.

  4. Supporting and strengthening the structures of I+D+i, in the region of Extremadura, through the promotion of human and material resources, infrastructure investment and consolidation of the network of national and international actors agents.

  5. Promote and encourage the business of health and related sector in the region of Extremadura and in those areas where the Foundation carries out its activities in collaboration with other actors players in the region for the same purpose.

  6. Promoting the internationalization of I+D+i, participating institutions, national and international, in the development of strategies, partnerships, forums, projects, and any other action aimed at the improvement and development of social policies that pursue the equity, social cohesion and equality in human rights, with special interest in the field of health.

  7. Promoting quality strategies in health services through the development of projects, programs, and any intervention aimed at improving the training and research of health professionals in this area.

  8. Promotion of International Cooperation of Extremadura with third countries through the development of programs, projects and any other intervention aimed at enhancing sustainable development, improvement in the quality of life of citizens, support the development and strengthening of institutions and exchange of materials and human resources for the generation of stable partnerships between countries resources.

  9. Any others deemed appropriate by the Board and related to the purposes of the Foundation.