1. Organization, management and control of I+D+i and / or welfare nature, aimed at improving the health of citizens, satisfaction of health professionals and strengthening of institutions.

  2. Organization, management and project control training and training aimed at health professionals in coordination with the School of Studies of Health Sciences and / or any other body or public or private entity that pursues the same purposes, the national and / or international.

  3. Dissemination of knowledge and results of I+D+i in health and transferring them between the agents involved in the sector.

  4. Promoting the participation of health professionals in Extremadura in programs and projects of I+D+i, forums, seminars, conferences, consortia or any other form of national and international actions that result in improved management systems clinical, quality of health services and living conditions of citizens, and especially health.

  5. Organization, management and maintenance of information systems in the field of health, for the dissemination of knowledge.

  6. Organization, promotion and participation in conferences and scientific meetings recognized interest, and any other actions that contribute to the transfer of knowledge and results in the field of health.

  7. Any others deemed appropriate by the Board and related to the purposes of the Foundation.